3 Best Places to Visit When in Alabama

Alabama is the best destination which is most preferred by tourist owing to its unique sceneries located at different places. Here are three of the best places to visit when in Alabama.

1.    Cheaha State Park

One of the best places to visit when in Alabama is the Cheaha state park. Here, you will find the view of the highest mountain which is about 735meters tall in the mid of Talladega National Forest in Cheaha Park. The park is well suited for hiking, and also you will experience different kinds of objects that are of interest. You will get the best views as you ride through nature. Alabama visits can never disappoint, most especially when Cheaha State Park is there for you. Most importantly, there is a variety of venues that you can choose from.

2.    Orange Beach

When you have a visit to Alabama, don’t miss out on this prayerful place. Orange beach is there for you when you want to chill out, enjoy the breeze, or when you prefer staying at the beachfront. While at the beach, you can engage in so many activities such as basketball, tennis or water activities like spotting the dolphins and much more. It is the best place to take shots of seabirds and marine mammals as well as getting to observe their characters. 

3.    Gulf Shores

Gulf shore is among the finest places to visit when in Alabama. You will find out that it is a destination which got the eyes of tourists who make visits in this state. Talk of golf playing, ocean fishing, or even watching the dolphins are some of the exciting activities that you will encounter while in Alabama. You should also not miss out on viewing the sun as it sets while on the gulf. Have pictures taken of you and also enjoy the party nights.


Alabama is the best and such a wonderful place when you make visits for holidays. You will love this State after visiting such places among other beautiful places.

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